Vacation House

“Kablarovo brdo”

Number of rooms : 3
Number of person : 6


The story of our house, located on Kablarovo brdo, dates back to the 19th century. It was then that our ancestors recognized the charms of this region and began to build the home for their animals first. They started with a small dwelling constructed from the easily available material of stone, as the area was harsh and required sturdy construction. Working hard and harmoniously, they were able to build one room at a time to house their beloved animals, which included cows for milk and dairy products, oxen for cultivating the land, and horses for transportation. In addition, the family also had pigs, whose meat would feed the entire family, sheep whose wool was used for knitting warm clothes during cold winters, and chickens. A large arable land was needed to feed the animals, and so the villagers worked the land for many years. As the family grew, they eventually decided to build a larger living space. Before 1926, the family began constructing a humble, wooden house that would serve as a home for all of them. The house was constructed carefully from wooden pieces. The wood was cut down in the forest and brought to the hill with horses, where hardworking villagers measured, cut, carved, and placed each piece of timber in its rightful spot with their own hands. Children also assisted in the process. The house on Kablarovo brdo was built with immense love, care, and dedication. Numerous generations grew up within its walls, generations from different eras. Now, the house on Kablarovo brdo has a completely new look and is shining brighter than ever before. We did this renovation for its tradition, a 100-year-old house of wood, so it could remain standing and tell the most beautiful stories of the region to future generations.

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The vacation house Kablarovo brdo can comfortably accommodate up to six people in three bedrooms. Each room is equipped with a double bed, wardrobe and television. The guests can choose to relax in the large, shared living room next to the fireplace, try their culinary skills in the rustic wooden kitchen, and enjoy the prepared delicacies. The house has one bathroom which is a blend of modern and antique decor.

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Shared Spaces

Socializing takes place in a large, common living room next to its beautiful fireplace. In the original wooden kitchen, you can get involved in cooking or try some prepared delicacies.

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SPA zone

In the middle of the outside area, there is a hydromassage tub which an excellent relaxing massage. The tub can be used during whole year, regardless of the weather conditions. It is used at your own risk, and the terms of use are listed in the house. All visitors, however, can enjoy the relaxing benefits of the hydromassage tub during their stay.

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Back yard

The exterior of the house is fenced on all four sides for an experience of complete privacy and escape. Inside the yard there is a covered grill and a space for socializing, a pool table.


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Enjoy your holiday in nature with added comfort. Kablarovo brdo now offers a free 7.5 kW charger for electric vehicles! We are currently the only charger on the Karlovac – Plitvice stretch, ideal for traveling to the Plitvice Lakes National Park.


Guests about us

Odlična lokacija, super domaćin….za svaku preporuku !!!

Dominic Simpson

Predivna lokacija, vraćamo se sigurno !!

David Thorton

Prvi puta sam čula “tišinu”….Odmor za dušu i tijelo, za svaku preporuku…

Brandy Zimmer

Djeca su zaista uživala, prvi puta smo osjetili spoj sa prirodom…

Jen Brown

Što nudimo

Sadržaji, usluge i turistički vodič

Free WiFi
Free parking
Comfort rooms
Washing Machine and Dryer
Meal Preparation
Hydromassage Bathtub
Coffee Maker
Restaurants nearby

The restaurants you can find near home are:

The restaurant Savić which offers a varied and autochthonous cuisine.

Bistro Kum in Rastoke which offers a variety of pizzas and lasagnas.

Hunting Lodge Muljava located at the foot of Petrova gora with venison dishes on the menu.

Daily trips

Plitvice Lakes – the most visited, most famous and oldest national park in Croatia. The lake system consists of 16 named lakes of different sizes and many smaller cascaded lakes. Due to the characteristic hydrogeological conditions, the lakes are divided into Upper and Lower Lakes. In addition to the beautiful lake system, you can enjoy a multitude of flora and fauna.

Rastoke – a place with beautiful waterfalls that got its name because the river Slunjčica spreads over the sandy rocks, into the river Korana, which then flows to the city of Karlovac.

Baraćeve Caves – A museum that nature has created for millions of years. On the illuminated path between the majestic pillars, one can learn the story of the creation of this thousand-year-old underground treasure.

Petrova Gora – most famous for its monument from the 1980s located at the top offering a breathtaking view of Zagreb, Gorski Kotar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia. There are several educational trails that lead to the monument with a 45-minute walk.

Skradska Gora – Skrad, founded in prehistory, is a ruin on Skradska Gora above the Korana River. Roman coins found testify to life in ancient times. The inhabitants of the noble municipality of Skrad built a fortified city in the early Middle Ages. Life in the city flourished until the Ottoman invasion, after which it began to slowly die out.

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Vacation House

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